Delhi gay couple gets engaged in front of Supreme Court

Ananya Kotia and Utkarsh Saxena exchange rings infront of Supreme court blooming their love for each other on X.

On October 17, the top court released its decision on same-sex Marriage “It lies within the domain of parliament and state legislatures to determine the law on marriage,” said Chief Justice Chandrachud.

The next day, Gay couple Ananya Kotia (a PhD student at the London School of Economics) shares his picture on social media platform X getting engaged to his love Utkarsh Saxena. Kotia wrote “Yesterday hurt. Today, Utkarsh Saxena and I went back to the court that denied our rights and exchanged rings. So this week wasn’t about a legal loss, but our engagement. We’ll return to fight another day”.


The picture showed Utkarsh (a Supreme Court lawyer, a development economist and a petitioner for the right to same-sex marriage in India) sitting on his knee with the Supreme Court as the background proposes Kotia with the ring. No sooner did the picture get posted than it was welcomed with lots of love and went viral. The comment section got poured with ‘congratulations’, ‘lots of love’ ‘love is fundamental’ etc. witnessing immense love from the audience.

The gay couple shared their love story: “We were both a bit nerdy, geeky, we were into politics, news, current affairs. That’s how we started bonding and immediately realised that what we had was something quite special. I had never experienced this before, he had never experienced this before.” “The first time we admitted to someone that we were queer, gay was to each other,” Saxena said

Earlier, on May 11, Saxena tweeted “There’s quite nothing like fighting for your right to marry the love of your life with your best friends!”

Saurab Kirpal ( a lawyer, and an Accidental LGBTQ activist. Author of ‘Sex and the Supreme Court’ and ‘Fifteen Judgments’) quotes thanking Utkarsh for sharing the picture wrote: “Thank you for petitioning the court for the basic right of equality and thank you for being role models for all young queer lawyers. History will owe you an apology for not recognising your love now (it will later).”

The five-member Supreme Court bench, led by Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud denied the recognition for same-sex marriage however allowed the queer couple to adopt jointly.