Pune accident update: Father of teenager booked for destruction of evidence charges

The parents of 17- year- old boy, Vedant Agarwal, who rammed his sports car into a bike and killed two IT professionals in Pune, apparently asked the driver to take the blame on himself. As per the sources, Vishal Agarwal (father) and his wife told the driver to visit the police and inform then that he was the one driving the car, in return of which the driver would be rewarded in cash.

After this assurance the driver stated that he was driving the car not the juvenile. Police to add section 201 for destruction of evidence against Vishal Agarwal (father). Just imagine everyone in the system tried to ensure that this case gets a quiet burial.


The accident occurred in the Kalyani Nagar area and led to the death of two young IT professionals – Aneesh Awadhiya and his partner Ashwini Koshta – on May 19.