Hafiz Saeed, the mastermind of Mumbai attacks, reportedly poisoned by unknown men

In a shocking turn of events, Hafiz Saeed, the founder of the militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba and mastermind behind the 2008 Mumbai attacks, has been hospitalized after allegedly being poisoned by unknown assailants.

As reported by thejaipurdialogues.com, Saeed, who has been designated a terrorist by the United Nations for his involvement in militant activities in Kashmir and attacks on Indian security forces, was admitted to Mayo Hospital in Lahore in critical condition. Reports indicate he was vomiting blood, suggesting potential poisoning.


The circumstances surrounding the poisoning remain shrouded in mystery. Saeed has long been a prominent and notorious figure in Pakistan’s landscape of terror groups that are hostile to Indian interests, despite facing multiple arrests and legal actions over the years.

This incident adds to a series of top terrorists in the region dying under mysterious circumstances or being killed by unidentified perpetrators, often referred to as “unknown gunmen.” The attack on Saeed highlights the dangers faced by those involved in extremist activities.

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