Council of Ministers asked to refrain from India vs Bharat debate by PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi has asked his Union Council of Ministers to refrain from getting into the debate on the possibilities of a name change for India

In advance of the upcoming G20 Summit, which will take place in the nation’s capital on September 9 and 10, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called a meeting of the Union Council of Ministers on Wednesday. He urged the council to avoid engaging in a discussion about India vs. Bharat, which has sparked a political controversy in the political world.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has requested that his Union Council of Ministers avoid participating in the discussion of India’s potential name change. President Droupadi Murmu’s invitation to a G20 dinner referred to her as the “President of Bharat” rather than the “President of India,” which sparked debate that a rename could be on the agenda for the upcoming Special Session.


There has been no other word, despite the fact that Union Minister Anurag Thakur dismissed it as a “rumour” and criticised the opposition’s “mindset” for objecting to the term “Bharat.”

According to those with knowledge of the situation, “the ministers were told that they need to confront falsehoods and attacks against issues of faith with assertiveness, put things in the proper perspective, and rely on the provisions of the Constitution that do not allow denigration of any religion.”

Additionally, he told his ministers that “no minister other than the authorised person should speak on the G-20 meeting.” During the Council of Ministers meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi advised his ministers that only the authorised person should speak at the G-20 summit.