Congress calls for special parliament session on farmers’ issues

The call for action comes in the wake of escalating tensions between farmers and authorities.

The Congress party has intensified its criticism of the BJP-led government, calling for urgent action to address the ongoing farmers’ protests. On February 22nd, the party demanded the convening of a special session of Parliament to address the pressing concerns of farmers across the country. Additionally, the opposition party urged the Punjab government to hold a similar session in the State Assembly to deliberate on the matter.

The call for action comes in the wake of escalating tensions between farmers and authorities. Tragically, a farmer lost his life, and approximately 12 police personnel sustained injuries during clashes at Khanauri on the Punjab-Haryana border on February 21st. The incident occurred as protesting farmers attempted to breach barricades set up by authorities.


The loss of Subhkaran Singh, a 21-year-old from Bathinda district, has further fueled the outcry. In a poignant statement on social media, Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh emphasized the crucial role of farmers in India’s development, citing their contributions to the green and white revolutions. Ramesh condemned the use of force against peaceful protesters, asserting that the government’s response undermines the dignity of farmers and youth alike.

Chairman of the All India Kisan Congress, Sukhpal Singh Khaira, echoed these sentiments, denouncing what he termed as the “brutal” tactics employed by the Haryana government against farmers. Khaira questioned the Punjab government’s delay in filing an FIR regarding the farmer’s death on its territory, highlighting the urgency of accountability.

Khaira raised concerns about alleged cross-border actions by Haryana Police and emphasized the need for cooperation between state governments to protect farmers’ rights. He accused the Haryana Chief Minister and the newly appointed Punjab Chief Minister of orchestrating a joint operation against farmers, exacerbating tensions and risking further violence.

Amidst the turmoil, Khaira called on the Punjab Chief Minister to restore internet services in affected districts to curb misinformation and maintain public safety. He also urged swift action against individuals spreading hateful rhetoric against farmers on social media platforms.

 As tensions persist and the demands of farmers remain unaddressed, the call for a special parliamentary session signals a critical step towards finding solutions and ensuring justice for those at the forefront of India’s agricultural sector.