Chitra Ramkrishna to be interrogated by CBI in NSE Phone Tapping Case

Former NSE MD Chitra is likely to testify before CBI in the NSE Phone Tapping Case.


Chitra Ramkrishna, the former CEO and MD of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) is likely to testify before the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Regarding the alleged tapping of NSE employees’ phones between 2009 and 2017. With the assistance of the former Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Pandey.

Chitra Ramkrishna is behind bars for her involvement in dispersing valuable information to an outsider without proper consent of the included parties. She was previously arrested and fined a sum of Rs. 5 crore.

According to the latest reports, the investigation agency may ask the court for authorisation to record her statement while she is held in judicial custody. Given that she has been listed as an accuser in the case, her interrogation is crucial. Sanjay Pandey, former Mumbai Police Commissioner was questioned by the CBI on Friday. Thus, in relation to his association with the case and “iSec Securities”. The CBI launched an investigation under the direction of the Union Home Ministry.

“Pandey ran iSec Securities Pvt. Ltd. It has been alleged that Chitra Ramkrishna used this firm to tap the phones of NSE’s employees. The phone calls made by NSE employees between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. were tapped and recorded by iSec Securities Pvt. Ltd. It has been alleged that Pandey helped in tapping the phones illegally”. Sources with knowledge on the matter said.