Centre plans to open 10,000 movie theatres in rural areas by 2024


By the end of 2024, 10,000 movie theatres in rural areas will be opened by the government-run CSC e-Governance Services in partnership with October Cinemas, according to a statement released on Monday.

A contract between October Cinemas and CSC, an SPV under the Ministry of Electronics and IT, calls for the opening of these facilities.

The agreement was signed with the intention of opening approximately 1 lakh small movie theatres with seating capacities of 100 to 200 people each in rural areas. The agreement period’s timetable is not yet known.

“The concept of cinema halls in villages is still new. The aim is to start small cinema halls with around 100 seats. CSC cinema halls will open new avenues for our VLEs (Village-Level Entrepreneurs).”


“Entertainment sector is booming in India and our VLEs will help in the growth of the sector in rural and semi-urban areas. CSC cinema halls, which will also work as a commercial hub, will make our services more accessible to the people in rural areas,” CSC Managing Director Sanjay Kumar Rakesh said.

According to the MOU, CSC (Common Service Centre) intends to open 1,500 movie theatres by the end of 2023, serving as a hub for numerous CSC activities in rural areas.

“We are launching CSC Rural Cinema for the entertainment of villagers in remote areas. India is the world’s largest entertainment market in terms of movie consumption. Our venture will have features to control piracy of films. We have already got over 5,000 express of interest requests from VLEs. We hope to make around 10,000 cinema halls operational in rural areas by the end of 2024,” Punit Desai, Managing Director of October Cinemas.

He claimed that operating these movie theatres, which will have video parlour cinema licences, would require an expenditure of about Rs 15 lakh.


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