Centre notifies the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act 2022 to unify civic bodies

Today, the Centre intimated the Delhi Municipal Corporation (Amendment) Act 2022 to merge all the 3 civic bodies into the Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

Today, the Indian Government finally gave a directive to put the three civic bodies – the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC), the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC), and the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) back into one large Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).

This bill was presented in Lok Sabha and got approved on March 30th. This will now bring all the employees, revenue share of 3 civic bodies, and liabilities under the umbrella of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). This also will reduce the wards from 272 to 250.


Amit Shah, Union Home Minister said, “I believe the trifurcation was planned to exercise smooth functioning of the respective municipalities, reducing the burden and responding to cases quickly. However, that didn’t happen and now we hope with this consolidation the operations and functionality will improve. I felt back then the Delhi Government was non-responsive to the 3 newly formed civic bodies.”

Amit Shah further added, “I never saw any smooth functionality in the policies taken up by the 3 municipalities, and their revenue share was not gauged thoroughly.” The new MCD bill act 2022 comes much ahead of the Delhi civic body polls.