Centre, Manipur Government strikes peace deal with ‘UNLF’ after 60 Years

A momentous peace agreement was signed in Delhi between the central government, Manipur government and the United National Liberation Front (UNLF), the oldest valley-based armed group in Manipur. This deal effectively brings an end to the UNLF’s six-decade-long armed movement and is a major milestone towards peace in the region.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah described the agreement as a “landmark achievement” in bringing stability to Manipur. Chief Minister N Biren Singh also credited Prime Minister Modi and the BJP leadership for enabling this significant breakthrough. After decades of hostilities, the UNLF has renounced violence as part of the accord and agreed to join the mainstream.


The peace deal is expected to finally cease hostilities between the UNLF cadres and security forces in Manipur. For an outfit long known for its separatist goal of an independent socialist Manipur, giving up arms is a dramatic shift. This agreement then represents a crucial step in the gradual transition towards harmony and stability for the state and its people.

With the perseverance shown by all sides, this once elusive peace deal now sets the stage for a more conciliatory chapter in Manipur and a hopeful resolution to one of India’s longest-running armed movements.