BJP’s Dhumal urges youth to recognize their power


Former HP Chief Minister and senior BJP leader, Prem Kumar Dhumal urged the youth to recognize their power and work accordingly to achieve their goal.

Dhumal said this in his address while increasing the enthusiasm of the youth present in the district level youth festival organized by Nehru Yuva Kendra.

He said earlier we used to say yes to what the world used to say, but today what we say is considered to be right for people in other parts of World, thanks to our youth power and able leadership.

He said what is the difference between today and 60 years ago, we are free even today and we were free even 60 years ago. Then big countries like America used to tell us that our economic policies are bad and we had to agree to their replies.

But today the circumstances have changed. A week ago, in Samarkand, there was a meeting of seven eight big countries of the world, China, Russia, India etc., in which no one dared to say anything to Putin from the front, but when our Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to him face to face, he was taken by surprise by the plain talks of Modi Ji.

Later in the same week when the United Nations met, French President McLough and US President Biden reiterated our Prime Minister’s point of view that Narendra Modi was absolutely right. “This proves that the change has come in the attitude of the World powers due to the working style of Modi Ji”.

The former Chief Minister said that fortunately we have got such a leadership, through which our self-respect is rising, today work is being done through our country in the field of environmental protection and solar energy around the world, our country is representing it all over the world. It is a matter of pride for us.

The former Chief Minister said this time on the occasion of Independence Day, the Prime Minister has given us five vows. “We have to be free from what the rulers of our country had filled in our minds for centuries. We have passed the era in which our thinking was plagued with an inferiority complex. Now we also have to be proud of our heritage. And, it is also our duty to respect his honour. In today’s era, we will all remain united, only then we will move forward, even if any difficulty comes, the country is facing it. We all should know the duties of an ideal citizen and we all should also fulfill that duty for our country”, he added.

Inspiring today’s generation, the former Chief Minister said that youth power brings change.

He said,“When revolution took place in France, a poet wrote, it is a very good sight to be alive, but being young is like heaven. Collecting and focusing on the right goal we will have to move forward”.