BHU students continues their protest against admin, demands security, restricted entry

The students protesting in front of the Central office said that the administration is keeping the demand on hold.

On the night of November 2, around 1:45 am, three bike riders attacked IIT BHU students (a male and a female) near the Karamveer Temple Road inside the campus of Banaras Hindu University (BHU). The goons shoved away the boy and kept him on the gun point while forcefully molesting the female student. The girl was found with torn clothes and alleged that the molesters shot the video and forcefully kissed her.


After the incident came into limelight several student union members protested against the administration and vice-chancellor for the actions and measure to be taken in BHU campus.  The student parliament kept protesting at the DG corner since yesterday. Today, the protest was joined by the people of other faculties of BHU in front of the Central Office. The demands made by students are:

  • Closed campus and restricted entry
  • Increased CCTV infrastructure
  • Implementation of Gender sensitization committee against sexual harassment (GSCASH).
  • Immediate actions on the culprit

The students protesting in front of the Central office said that the administration is keeping the demand on hold. Instead of taking strict actions and Implementing GSCASH they are saying to raise boundary wall and separate IIT BHU from other area of BHU which comprises Central library, Health Centre and other faculties of college said the students.

“Raising the wall will put restrictions on the movement of students and will cut-short the access to other parts of the campus, but will it do any good to the safety issues?,” asked the students.

Also dividing IIT and other parts of BHU raises question over safety of girls outside IIT campus, which is making students furious over this decision made by the authorities.

Attacking the BJP government, General secretary of Congress party Priyanka Gandhi Vadra expressed her feelings on the incident “A student of IIT, BHU has been sexually assaulted in Banaras. Some time ago, in the university campus, a girl student was subjected to forceful and heart-wrenching violence. The brazen attackers have also made a video of the incident. IIT students are protesting against the incident. Are BHU campuses and even top institutions like IITs not safe now? Is it no longer possible for a girl student in the Prime Minister’s constituency to walk fearlessly inside her own educational institution? Well damn,” said Vadra.

Earlier, a blind girl was also molested and harassed by a culprit in the campus and the matter was soon forgotten without any actions taken or known. The students alleged that “The demand for GSCASH is being done since 2017 and still it not made. If this incident can’t open the eyes of VC, then what will.”