Atal Bridge in Ahmedabad is set for Grand Opening, PM calls it “Spectacular”

Atal Bridge: The 300-meter-long, recognisable footbridge has a distinctive design and is illuminated by striking LED lighting.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to dedicate the Atal Bridge, which spans the Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad and links its eastern and western sides.


A preview of the eye-catching LED lighting on the renowned 300-meter footbridge, which bears the name of the previous prime minister Atal Bihar Vajpayee, was given by PM Modi before to his two-day visit to Gujarat. It has a distinctive design and is decorated with the lighting.


“Doesn’t the Atal Bridge look spectacular!” PM Modi said.

By linking the flower garden on its western side with the future arts and culture centre on its eastern side, the pedestrian-only bridge will increase the number of tourist attractions along the riverbank.


“This bridge will provide connectivity to Multi Level Car Parking and various public development on East and West Bank from plaza between Flower Park and Event Ground at West Bank to proposed Art / Cultural / Exhibition Centre on East Bank,” a statement said.


PM Modi will also take part in the Khadi Utsav, which is being held at the Sabarmati Riverfront today to honour khadi and its significance throughout India’s struggle for independence. 7,500 Khadi artists from all across Gujarat will participate in the event and spin charkha live at the same time.

The Smriti Van Memorial, which will bear the names of those who perished in the tragic earthquake of 2001, will be officially opened by the prime minister on Sunday in Bhuj. According to a PMO statement, it will honour the people’s spirit of fortitude demonstrated in the wake of the earthquake.