ASI uncovers millennia-old planned Harappan city in Haryana’s Rakhigarhi

Haryana’s Rakhigarhi is world famous for the Harrapan civilisation and now it has uncovered a wonderful historical presence.

The Archeological Survey of India in it’s excavation and study at Rakhigarhi. Has so far revealed that this place once housed a planned a city with perfect engineering.

While addressing the media houses on Sunday, May 8 ASI Joint Director General Sanjay K Manjul said. “The site will start it’s evacuation the in sep 2022. And that will throw open these moundsso that the tourists will have plenty of information available.”

“Rakhigarhi archeological site has 7 mounds. And we’ve uncovered pieces of evidence of Harappan culture in all seven. Similar excavations have happened before & this is the 3rd phase”. Said Sanjay K Manjul, Joint Director General, ASI.

He further added ,”Copper & gold objects were also found, along with artifacts, beads, sealed scripts with motifs, & ceilings with Harappan script & elephant depictions. This shows their cultural diversity. Our motive is to develop this site iconically”

Well-led planning could be observed here, with streets and walls along it, house complexes, drainage systems, burnt brick structural support & varieties of pottery components with many paintings showing their improved baking technique: Sanjay K Manjul, Joint Director General, ASI.

Very soon Rakhigarhi will witness beeline of tourists. As the officials want that when the tourists see the remains they get the information about the antique and the truth about it.

ASI is in talk with the Harayana government. Over the display of these articles are in Museums that are under government control.

Once these procedures are done. It will open up worldwide tourist to witness Rakhigarhi and Harrapan culture to it’s full scale.

Government aims this place will be developed as one of the five best iconic places. For which excavation started this year.



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