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Anna Hazare sits on one-day hunger strike in solidarity with farmers


On Tuesday, social activist Anna Hazare sat on a one-day hunger strike to support angry farmers who have demanded Bharat Bandh today, and retraction of the agricultural laws.

In light of the matter, he said this agitation should be widespread across the nation. The government needs to comes under pressure to act in the interest of farmers. Anna Hazare has appreciated farmers protest in a recorded message.

Hazare who began his fast in Ralegan Siddhi village in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra said, “I appeal to the people of the country that the agitation which is going on in Delhi should spread across the country. The situation needs to be created to put pressure on the government, and to achieve this, farmers need to hit the streets. But no one should resort to violence.”


He believes it’s the right time for farmers to protest and get their demands accepted. He said, “I had backed this cause earlier also, and will continue to do so.”

Hazare shared his opinion and said the centre needs to grant autonomy to the commission for Agriculture Cost and Prices (CACP) and to implement the recommendations of the MS Swaminathan Commission.

He said, “The government only gave assurances but never fulfilled these demands.”