Amit Shah commends Gujarat’s success as 0 casualties reported in Cyclone Biparjoy aftermath

Union Home Minister Amit Shah applauds teamwork and ensures restoration of electricity by june 20

In the wake of Cyclone Biparjoy, which ravaged parts of Gujarat’s Kutch and Saurashtra region, the state government and Central agencies have effectively collaborated to safeguard lives and minimize the impact of the natural disaster. Union Home Minister Amit Shah praised their collective efforts, highlighting the exemplary teamwork that resulted in zero casualties during the cyclone. During his visit to the affected areas in Gujarat’s Kutch district, Shah assured the public that electricity would be fully restored by June 20.

The cyclone made landfall near Jakhau Port on Thursday evening, persisting until the early hours of the following day. In a press conference, Home Minister Amit Shah expressed his satisfaction, stating, “Not even a single casualty was reported because of #CycloneBiparjoy. The way the Gujarat government and Central agencies have worked to protect lives during the cyclone is a classic example of teamwork.” The efficient coordination between authorities and the tireless efforts of the relief and rescue teams played a vital role in preventing loss of life.


Accompanied by Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendera Patel, Amit Shah conducted an aerial survey of the affected areas and visited relief camps in Jakhau, where the cyclone had inflicted significant damage. He personally interacted with the affected individuals and assessed the relief efforts. Additionally, the Home Minister met with personnel from the National Disaster Response Force and the Border Security Force at Mandvi airport, acknowledging their crucial contributions to the relief and rescue operations.

Updating on the progress made in restoration efforts, Shah shared, “Power has been restored in 1,600 out of the 3,400 affected villages where the power supply was disrupted. Approximately 1.08 lakh civilians were safely relocated during the cyclone, and around 73,000 animals were taken to secure locations.” He assured the public that electricity would be fully restored in the entire cyclone-affected region by June 20, providing relief to the affected communities.

Cyclone Biparjoy had caused extensive damage, resulting in the destruction of 5,120 electricity poles and leaving 4,600 villages without power, as reported by PTI. However, the swift response and concerted efforts by the authorities have ensured that essential services are gradually being reinstated, and affected communities receive the necessary support.

The successful management of Cyclone Biparjoy in Gujarat serves as a testament to the effectiveness of disaster preparedness measures and the resilience of the state’s response mechanisms. The collaborative efforts between the Gujarat government and Central agencies have not only minimized the impact of the cyclone but also safeguarded the lives and well-being of the people in the affected areas.