Xiaomi against those spreading misinformation, “Will take legal action”, states the company

The consumer electronics company Xiaomi asserted that it will take legal action against those who spread misinformation.


On Friday Xiaomi said that It is fully biddable with Government’s orders since the banned mobile applications cannot be accessed on its devices and opined the right of legal action against false accusations against the company.

“We have also noticed some stray instances of misinformation being spread regarding the above points,” Xiaomi India MD Manu Kumar Jain said in a statement

“Xiaomi takes care of the right to take legal action against false accusations of its non-compliance with Government orders.” The point of saying this was to refer to the recent ban of two of Xiaomi’s apps ‘ Mi Browser Pro’ and ‘Mi Community’.

Addressing the issue he said ” We are building a new version of MIUI which will be built without pre-installation of any of the banned apps. This will be rolling out in a phased manner over the next few weeks,”

The company is of opinion that it have it’s own cleaner app which distinguish it from clean Master app banned by government. Xiaomi said it is also removing the definations of industry(also used by Clean Master app) which is important in the functioning of its cleaner app.

The brand also said that it is also promise to comply with the data security norms of the government law. “Since 2018, the data of Indian users is stored 100% in India and none of the data is shared with anyone outside of India.”