Ministry of Home Affairs withdraws the order to stop wages of workers

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) had earlier issued a notice. The declaration of the notice was represented by the government. It stated that employers may/may not pay their employed workers during the spread of novel Corona Virus in India. The State Government has passed a relief package in context with the discussion with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The package is of 20 Lakh Crore Indian Rupees that roughly makes up 10% of India’s Nominal Annual GDP. The package is going to be distributed from the Reserve Bank to each State Government Depository. It will help its people in this economic recession, especially those of the backward economic classes.

Soon after the Prime Minister’s declaration and authorization with the cabinet of ministers, MHA had a short consultation meeting. It was then decided that since the lock down had entered its 4th Phase, changes had to be implemented. Since the government had provided more than just adequate funds a few prevention policies could be uplifted. The MHA then declared another issued statement. Any employer that contracts any type of business, answers to the government in the form of legal deductions. They must pay their enforced workers their full wages that are not deducted in subject to any type of financial scheme. They must also continue to pay them until the lock down is uplifted by further legal notice.

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