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GoodGlamm Group acquires influencer marketing firms Winkl & Vidooly

GoodGlamm Group has acquired Vidooly and Winkl and has created Good Creator Co for influencer platforms.

Content-to-commerce unicorn Good Glamm Group has created a new firm, Good Creator Co for influencer platforms. The company has acquired Winkl and Vidooly– the creator and influencer marketing firms. Good Creator Co will now be an umbrella firm for four major influencer companies– Plixxo, Miss Malini Entertainment, Winkl, and Vidooly.

“This will be India’s largest creators and influencer company,” said Priyanka Gill, co-founder, Good Glamm Group and founder, Plixxo, to Business Today in an exclusive interaction. Gill argued that the vision for the company is to create an ecosystem of 1 million content creators/influencers by December 2022 and tap a $10 billion market opportunity. Gill also said that GCC aims to reach an influencer network of 150 million by December 2022 while its current network reaches over 70 million creators every month.

GCC group claims to offer marketing solutions and campaign strategies to the influencers for the consumer brands and other such media agencies. Apparently, Good Glamm Group has invested nearly around Rs 200 crore in its new subsidiary firm Good Creator Co.

The company is further looking to raise funds and invest capital for expanding the network, targeting new acquisitions and brand engagements, told Gill to Business Today. As of now, the GCC group has 2,50,000 influencers and has a current revenue rate of Rs 75 crore. Whereas, as per Gill, the target revenue rate by the end of 2022 is Rs 250 crore.