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A modern world with constant market activity: A trader’s dream come true


In a world dominated by markets and products, it is up to the smart person to realize the potential and enter the game to trade for the best price and quality. Today, international trading connects continents, countries and societies with one another through extensive networks and thus fulfills a social responsibility: to create cultural value out of business relations.

In more developed societies, stock markets are used to carry out extensive trading operations, exchanging stocks and shares of companies that are currently involved in business, representing worth through money. An online cfd trading is also an option for those seeking to invest into profitable instruments at the comfort of their homes or offices, providing easy access to finances and investment possibilities. In any given scenario, trading helps develop stronger societies, accumulate wealth and stimulate economic activity and understanding its fundamental dynamics is a necessity for those wishing to get richer in the markets.

In the new age of digital transformation, the rise of bitcoin was inevitable. However, along with such a fast-paced success scenario came unexpected problems. Operating under the Mt Gox system are several hundreds of bitcoin servers and up to this day, while none of them are legally certified by the US authorities. Recently, a website named ‘Silk Way’ was shut down due to suspicious trading activity, following which it was discovered that the servers housed more than $25 million worth of unaccounted bitcoins, ready to be sold. No one quite knows how the bitcoins were liquidated but it was also discovered that Ross Ublricht, the creator of the website, had 144,000 bitcoins in his private possession, equating roughly $120 million. The FBI and the government officials are worried that the rabbit hole might be deeper as the bitcoin system enables its users to stash currencies all around the world.

Another rising star in today’s tech-driven business world is ‘Tesla’, the world’s most famous electric car producer, with its shares being in high demand in the stock market. Recently, the company’s founder and CEO Elon Musk was getting ready to go private with his company’s shares, hoping that it would give him more flexibility with its operations. However, he backed down after being informed by public and institutional investors that such a move would lead to lower share purchases due to internal regulations that limit the total number of shares acquirable from privately owned companies. The company’s own stakeholders also held a meeting with Musk to discuss the matters and stated that such a move would put significant pressure on their capabilities to interact with the markets. The Securities and Exchange Commission also warned Musk that in the case that he was trying to manipulate stock prices, there would be severe legal repercussions, which also made Musk reconsider his initial intention.

Speaking of American corporations, a piece of good news was announced recently, regarding the retail giant ‘Amazon.com’. Following in the footsteps of ‘Apple Inc.’, the company also entered ‘the trillion dollars league’ when its stock value exceeded $1 trillion this year. Founded in 1994, the company has been continuously profiting since 2015, placing the founder and current CEP Jeff Bezos at the top of the richest people in the world list with $150 billion. The company also initiated an offline retailing branch using Whole Foods infrastructure to provide groceries to millions of American homes. 92% of all online shoppers in America used Amazon’s system once while 40% are currently using such services once or more every month, according to a recent NPR/Marist poll. With more than 100 million subscribers for its ‘Amazon Prime’ service, the company is easily one of the most efficient online business schemes in the world. Its shares are also traded in the stock markets of the world, currently holding $2030 value per share.