Your quick read to Business Loans in Hyderabad


The Covid-19 pandemic led to a stark decline in the business activities of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). From 46% in the first wave to 11% in the second wave of the pandemic, it has been difficult for most small business owners to cope with the setback. While the impact of the pandemic was witnessed across operations, production and manufacturing, one of the primary causes of the downfall was seen to be a lack of sufficient funds and liquidity. As the fifth-largest urban economy in India, Hyderabad is still recovering from the damage caused by Covid-19. Small business owners struggled to find a skilled workforce and keep up with the escalating raw material costs and falling demand in the wake of the pandemic, and some of the effects are still lingering.

As the world opens to a new normal, small business owners can find new ways to lead their companies back into the market and thrive. Term loans, working capital loans, loans against property, equipment financing, loans for women entrepreneurs, and overdrafts are some of the highly sought-after sources of acquiring a business loan in Hyderabad.

While the options are abundant, you need to research the pros and cons of taking the traditional route when it comes to seeking a loan. Most banks mandate collateral against loans, and also involve extensive documentation that can take a significant amount of time and effort, before loan approval and eventual disbursal.

The advent of non-banking financial corporations(NBFCs) has presented various benefits to SME owners to obtain collateral-free business loans in Hyderabad. Pondering whether you should take the plunge and apply for a loan? We outline some ways that it can facilitate your small business to help you decide:

  • Operational Stability

One of the most concerning areas for small business owners is maintaining the capital for day-to-day operations. Businesses like departmental stores and restaurants require capital regularly to ensure the smooth running of operations. A business loan in Hyderabad can fulfil all the daily capital needs to ensure maximum operational stability.

  • New Equipment

Equipment upgrades are a part of business growth. Small businesses require new equipment to expand the scope of work or commence an entirely new wing of operations. While new equipment can cost a significant amount of money, a business loan in Hyderabad can ensure that your enterprise is well-equipped at the right time.

  • Infrastructure Upgrades

A business loan can enable small business owners to upgrade their existing infrastructure to align with market trends and the competition. New infrastructure can pave the way for small businesses to grow and improve their presence in a competitive market environment.

  • Skilled Workforce

Hiring skilled employees significantly improves productivity and enhances profit margins. Entrepreneurs can then reinvest the increased profit amounts to further their business growth. A collateral-free business loan can help small business owners hire proficient employees who can offer their expertise across multiple business areas. Experienced professionals are often multi-skilled and deliver more for less.

Getting a Business Loan in Hyderabad: A Walkthrough

NBFCs are one of the best sources of funds for small business owners in India. The best fintech companies lending to MSMEs in India, like Kinara Capital, offer collateral-free loans for small business owners across 300 sectors, with minimum documentation.

Kinara Capital can help MSME owners with a business loan in Hyderabad. The loan amount can range from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 30 lakhs. The application process includes a total of three steps that business owners need to complete for timely loan disbursal. Here is a detailed overview of the steps involved:

  • Step 1: The fully online application process starts with a 1-minute eligibility test that you can take on the Kinara Capital website or myKinara app.
  • Step 2: Once you clear the eligibility, you can take the application forward on the website or myKinara app or have a Kinara loan officer connect with you to assist you with the next steps. All your loan related queries are resolved at this stage by the Kinara Capital professional loan officer.
  • Online KYC will commence and require you to submit all your personal/business documents such as Adhaar Card, PAN Card, proof of business registration, bank statements, and Udyam registration.

Once you clear all three steps, your sanctioned loan amount will be credited to your account within 24 hours. To eliminate any confusion or miscommunication, leading NBFCs such as Kinara Capital will address all your queries in your regional language.

So, get in touch with a reputed lender today and obtain a collateral-free business loan in Hyderabad within a day!

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