Why choose Bike Insurance online renewal for ease?

To keep your vehicle and yourself protected while travelling via two wheeler, it is essential to keep your bike insurance updated by paying the premiums regularly and renewing it on-time. If you miss out on doing so, your policy might lapse, leaving your vehicle without security and result in wastage of the premium you have paid previously.

To save your time and make payments on time, you can opt for bike insurance online. You can renew your insurance policy with a few clicks and pay online via net banking or mobile banking, using the insurance provider’s application or website. It is advisable to renew your bike insurance before the expiration date to receive additional benefits and bonus.

There are a few things that you should consider while renewing your bike insurance online:

  1. Consider renewing your bike insurance before the expiration date to benefit from a claim bonus and stay covered with an active insurance policy.
  2. Research and compare different insurance policies available in the market and choose the one that suits your requirement in the best way.
  3. If you are unsatisfied with your current insurance provider due to any reason, you can consider switching to a different insurance provider for a comparatively better plan.
  4. Consider buying a comprehensive bike insurance policy, rather than buying a third party insurance policy separately, which needs to be mandatorily bought under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Apart from this, find below a few quick and straightforward steps to bike insurance renewal online:

  1. Finalize Your Insurance Provider

After comparing insurance policies based on coverage, benefits, premium amount, tenure, etc., finalize the insurance provider.

  1. Get Your Vehicle Surveyed

Before renewing your policy, get your vehicle surveyed. Your surveyor might reject the renewal of your insurance policy due to the pre-existing damages. For instance, If your bike sustains minor damage, it might not be included in your insurance policy. The inspection might involve a fee, but it is advisable to get it done.

  1. Purchase the Policy

Once you have finalized your insurance provider and the vehicle is inspected, you are all set to purchase the policy. You should buy the bike insurance as soon as you have got your vehicle inspected, as a few insurance providers offer you insurance only within certain hours of the survey.

  1. Renew Your Policy

Get your bike insurance regularly renewed and otherwise, at least within 90 days of the expiration, to receive the benefit of no claim bonus and have an active policy.

Benefits of Bike Insurance Renewal Online

  1. Time-Saving

When you research about the insurance policies on your own and apply for bike insurance online, it will save considerable time as there will be no need to coordinate with the agent/broker. This will also enable you to make an unbiased decision.

  1. Option to Compare

With the help of data available on third-party websites or insurance provider websites, you can easily compare the specifications of insurance policies across different service providers.

  1. Additional Discounts

You might be eligible for additional discounts and offers if you purchase bike insurance online, whereas if you opt for offline insurance, you might be deprived of these benefits.

  1. Fetch Your Previous Details Easily

If you opt for bike insurance renewal online, you can quickly login with your account details. There will be no need to fetch your previous details as the required information will be readily available.

Life has become convenient with all the facilities available online. With just a few clicks, you can buy anything and easily renew your policies, subscriptions, packages, etc. To avail of all possible benefits and discounts, it is recommended to renew your bike insurance online. It is best to choose credible insurance providers like TATA AIG, who offer suitable insurance plans to their clients. They have a record of competitive claim settlement ratio and commendable customer services.

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