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What makes IndusInd Bank Merchant Solutions a preferred choice among business owners


Not so long ago, running a business meant having a finger in every pie – literally. And not necessarily in the sense of running an empire-like multi-faceted business, but in the sense of fulfilling your basic and complex business requirements from a variety of sources. For instance, opening a current account at a bank, collecting payments, applying for a loan, and keeping track of all your banking needs were disparate activities that had little to do with one another. But thanks to digitization, neither banking nor business have to be carried on in the same, old-fashioned way. If you are a businessman, there is now a single solution to your myriad business requirements – IndusInd merchant solutions! Read on to learn more.

Indusind Merchant Solutions – What is it?

Indus Merchant Solutions is a unique one-stop shop app which enables merchants, businessmen, retailers, and professionals to conduct banking transactions virtually and seamlessly on a single platform. Any individual who has a current account in IndusInd Bank can download the ‘Indus Merchant Solutions’ app and start using it. What’s more, even a non-IndusInd Bank customer can open a current account through an online process, getting themselves registered as a merchant almost instantly! IndusInd Merchant Solutions has especially been designed to aid merchants and retailers in spheres such as garment stores, grocery shops, pharmacies, cafes, and restaurants among others.

The app currently has English as the default user interface language.

Why Business Owners are Loving It

Indus Merchant Solutions is fast becoming popular among retailers and business owners as it enables them to carry out a number of business-related activities with ease. Its key benefits are as follows:

  • This is an all-in-one app i.e. it helps you simultaneously keep track of all your banking, payment, and loan needs.
  • You can use the app to get a pre-approved loan for your business – without any security. Apply for a digital loan in just a few clicks.
  • The app enables you to collect payments in-store from customers. You may do this digitally with POS, QR code, or by remotely using PaybyLink.
  • You can quickly open a current account on the app to get your business started – hassle-free, paperless account opening procedure!
  • Get access to a digital ledger to manage your credit ledger with ease & convenience.
  • There will be auto-settlement of payments in your account by the next morning.

Open a Merchant Account Online

Opening a current account online through Indus Merchant Solutions is as easy as pie! The immediate benefits of a merchant account for business owners include secure payments, better money management, and smooth card payments. Depending on your requirements, you may open any one of the following types of merchant accounts online:

  • Merchant Basic Accounts: Current accounts with practical features to help you expand your business. Average Monthly Balance (AMB) Requirement between INR 0-50,000.
  • Merchant Select Accounts: Current accounts with a sweeping range of services to help businesses improve their output and create more value. AMB requirement of up to INR 1 lakh.
  • Merchant Exclusive Account: A current account with an exclusive line of services and privileges to help businesses grow. AMB requirement of over INR 5 lakhs.
  • Merchant Pioneer Account: A current account offering world-class banking privileges and solutions to help large businesses increase their value. AMB requirement exceeding INR 10 lakhs.

According to official estimates, there are approximately 63.05 million micro enterprises, 0.33 million small, and about 5,000 medium-sized enterprises in the country. In this scenario, digital platforms such as IndusInd Merchant Solutions are increasing the use of digital forms of payment while empowering the merchant network. What’s more, their adoption by small and medium enterprises are truly revolutionizing the way business is conducted in India.

If you are a businessman or retailer, get Indus Merchant Solutions for yourself and your business today!