What is coverage in Insurance? Meaning, importance and more

Insurance is an essential tool if you want to secure your future from any unexpected incidents. But nowadays, insurance has become more of an investment than just insurance benefits. Even then, coverage remains the major and direct benefit of insurance. If you still wish to know more about what is coverage in detail, look nowhere else. Here you will get to know everything about what is coverage in insurance, its importance and much more.

What Is Coverage In Insurance Policies?

Insurance coverage refers to the amount that a policyholder will get when they raise a claim on the insurance. Coverages are different for different types of insurance. The policyholder can choose the coverage of their choice based on the available products and combinations. But a higher coverage will always have a higher premium, so the knowledge of deciding when to choose a higher coverage and when not to is important.

Importance Of Coverage In Insurance

After knowing what is coverage in insurance, you must also know its importance. For insurers, the coverage amount will help them fix a premium amount. And for policyholders, the coverage helps them decide which policy to choose. So for both the involved parties, coverage is important.

People often keep a higher coverage on life insurance as it is for the benefit of the dependents. This is why the total premiums paid towards non-life insurance was INR 1.88 lakh crore and towards life insurance was a huge INR 5.71 lakh crore in 2019-20 in India.

Types Of Coverages In Insurance Policies And Their Importance

After learning about what is coverage in insurance and its importance, you must also understand how to decide on the coverage of a plan. Some insurers provide plan customization where the potential policyholder does not have to go with the existing plans and can create a plan according to their requirements. Here they can choose the coverage amount as well. Below is the optimum coverage amount that you should keep in your insurance policy as per its category.

Life Insurance Coverage

Life insurance is the most valuable insurance not only in terms of premium, coverage and returns but also in terms of the place it holds for families who lose their loved ones. And especially if the family loses the only breadwinner or source of income for the family. This is why while choosing coverage for life insurance, you must keep the coverage amount as high as the personal budget allows. And as most life insurance policies have the return of premium and tax benefits, the policyholder will only have gains in case of survival at plan maturity.

Health Insurance Coverage

Health insurance also allows choosing coverage amounts based on the policyholder’s preference. But a thing to remain aware of is that health insurance doesn’t have the return of premiums. So if the policy remains unclaimed, you won’t get any benefits at maturity. So a wise method to choose the coverage amount is to find an insurer that provides the maximum coverage for the premium in your budget. But you can choose a higher coverage health insurance if you are sure of claiming it soon.

Motor Insurance Coverage

In the case of motor insurance, the policyholder cannot decide the coverage amount. The insurance provider inspects the vehicle’s condition and, based on that, provides an evaluation of the maximum coverage possible. Even during car insurance renewal, the evaluator considers the health and age of the car. But what you can do is choose an insurer that provides the maximum coverage in the same premium range.

General Insurance Coverage

General insurance also comes under the no return of premium category. And these also have the same evaluation-based coverage amount. So you have no say in it. As a result, you can use the same method used in motor insurance when you wish to purchase insurance for your property, house, factory, valuable object or any insurable belonging.


After reading about what is coverage in insurance, its importance, its types, and the optimum coverage for different types, you can now make correct decisions on the coverage amount to set in your next insurance policy. A high coverage will always help provide better financial assistance, but it comes at the cost of a similarly higher premium. So it is good to weigh your personal goals and preferences when purchasing a policy.

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