Safex Chemicals clocks revenue of Rs 782 Cr during FY21

Leading Agrochemical Company Safex Chemicals has clocked a revenue of Rs 782 Crore during Financial Year 2021.


New Delhi, July 25: Leading Agrochemical Company Safex Chemicals has clocked a revenue of Rs 782 Cr during FY21.

The company now envisions becoming a Rs 1000 Cr valuation enterprise by the end of this financial year.

The agrochemical sector has witnessed a significant rise in opportunities to build resilience in maintaining effective management of food safety processes amid numerous challenges, including the climate change (maeked by erratic monsoons) that led to an unpredictable demand pattern in FY22.
The global pandemic further posed some serious hurdles by impacting the supply chain activities due to disruptions in transportation amid nationwide/state-wide lockdowns and the resultant labour shortage, fear among the employees to resume work, supply chain concerns, inflation and rise in commodity prices.

Safex had recorded an impressive revenue growth worth Rs 702 Cr even in FY20.

Sharing his excitement about achieving such remarkable growth numbers, Mr. S.K. Chaudhary, Founder & Director, Safex Chemicals said. “Safex has been a significant part in enabling heightened crop productivity & crop protection in India for nearly 29 years now on the back of our world-class infrastructure, superior products, last mile connectivity and commitment to. This has helped us contribute immensely to the country’s food security, quality of life and health scenario. Its heartwarming to witness our years of painstaking labour bear such remarkable results. Having clocked such a remarkable and inspiring growth journey. By evolving our workflow, we are now focusing on skill enhancement. And continuous workforce training to generate better outcomes by the end of this financial year.”