Follow these steps to file online ITR complaint in just few minutes!

The Income Tax Department released a circular stating that it has issued Income Tax Return (ITR) for all the taxpayers.

The Income Tax Department released circular stating that it has issued Income Tax Return (ITR) for all the taxpayers. The refunds totaling over Rs 2,13,823 crore to over 2.24 crore taxpayers between April 1st, 2020 and March 22nd, 2021.

In a tweet on March 24, Income Tax Department said, “CBDT issues refunds of over Rs. 2,13,823 crore to more than 2.24 crore taxpayers between 1st April,2020 to 22nd March,2021. Income tax refunds of Rs. 79,483 crore have been issued in 2,21,92,812 cases & corporate tax refunds of Rs. 1,34,340crore have been issued in 2,22,188 cases”.


Some taxpayers are still waiting for IT refunds. If you haven’t received your refund because of a discrepancy in your ITR, the first thing you should do is check your e-mail for any notification from the IT department regarding the refund.

You can also check this by logging into your account on the income tax department’s e-filing portal. The income tax refund, if eligible, is one of the things that every taxpayer who files income tax returns on a regular basis looks forward to.

However, tax refunds are not always received on time and maybe delayed for a variety of reasons. You should probably check the status of your refund online and figure out why it took so long.

How to Check the Status of Income Tax Refund?

Step 1: Visit the income tax e-filing portal Step

2: Log in with user ID, password, and date of birth/date of incorporation

Step 3: Click on the ‘My Account’ tab

Step 4: Select the ‘Refund/Demand Status’ option.

The status of your returns will be displayed, along with details such as the assessment year, payment method, and, if applicable, the reason for refund failure.

How to file a complaint on Income Tax Refund online directly?

Step 1: Log in at direct link –

Step 2: Enter your name, PAN details, Assessment Year, etc.

Step 3: Write your query in the description box

Step 4: You can select the social media type and enter the ID

Step 5: Enter CAPTCHA

Step 6: Click on the ‘Submit’ button Your ITR refund grievance will get registered online.

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