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Prudent Corporate Advisory shares to turn ex-dividend

Prudent Advisory Limited to turn to ex-dividend shares, the price is yet to be decided by the Board of Directors.

The newly formed company Prudent Advisory Limited had started out with a premium amid the weak stock market sentiments, but reports reveal the company will soon turn to its ex-dividend stocks. The board of directors of the company has decided on the dividend. Thus, to be set at Rs 1 per equity share for the financial year 2021- 2022. Although the dividend recommendation is yet to be subjected to be approved. In the next Annual General Meeting of the company. 

In its latest exchange communication, the company had informed about the development citing, “The Board of Directors has recommended a dividend of Rs. 1/- (Rupees one only) per equity share of the face value of Rs. 5/- each for the financial year ended March 31, 2022. Subject to the approval of shareholders at the ensuing Annual General Meeting of the Company.”

The date of the next Annual General Meeting would decide the eligibility of the shareholders. To pay the dividend and the date of the payment would also be taken into consideration. 

Prudent Advisory Limited is one of the most growing financial services in the country the company deals with mutual funds, equities and shares and has become one of the trusted advisory companies on mutual funds investment. 

In the financial year 2022 with the increase in India’s Retail Mutual Funds. Due to the developments of technological-based investments Prudent Advisory has definitely increased its market share with the increase of its equity-based Assets Under Management (AUM). The revenue income from the mutual funds. And the subsequent insurance distribution has increased by 62 per cent in the financial year 2022. The company had made a profit of around 22 crores in the month of March 2022. As per the recent financial statement. 

Further updates are still awaited.