Wipro not afraid to think big: Chairman Rishad A Premji

Rishad A Premji, the Chairman of Wipro said that the demand for talent would outpace supply and become a key dependency for growth as the businesses across the world shift to digital. In the Technology sector, war for talent has been a key theme and the IT firms had been vocal about it. Recently, Wipro had announced that it was rolling out salary hike for over 80 per cent of it’s workforce from September 2021.

Premji said in a letter to the shareholders in the company’s financial year 2021 annual report that the technology was often at the forefront of the economic recovery as the pandemic precipitated structural changes across industries and challenged the established ways of working.

He also added that whether it was digital commerce, online education or the telemedicine or technology-enabled business models, all have emerged across the board with the cloud technology as the cornerstone of this transformation. He said that the shift would result in a huge demand for the tech talents that would outweigh the supply and would be a key factor for the driving growth.

He mentioned that they already see new delivery models become the key player, like work from anywhere or crowdsourcing, but they expect virtual, remote, community based and distributed work models to become the future of work. Wipro’s 3 per cent of the 1.9 lakh employees were working from the office.

Wipro had seen significant changes in the past six months under the leadership of Thierry Delaporte. Premji said that last year they had set out to make the first bold change, embracing the direction set by their new CEO and Managing Director, he and the board couldn’t be more confident of Thierry and his leadership.

He added that the difficult changes the company had made only made the firm better and stronger, and that he was very excited about the path that they were on, and he was confident that the people would see a bolder and more ambitious Wipro as they moved forward, a firm that was not afraid to shake up and thing big.

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