How important is one-day delivery and is it eco-friendly?

Same-day delivery is the new trend of e-commerce businesses. Amazon started the trend of one-day delivery and many other e-commerces have followed in its footsteps. The result is as such, customers are looking forward to one-day delivery. It has now become the norm of the industry. According to a report by Deloitte, for 70% of consumers convenience and free shipping are the top reasons for shopping online. According to Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey, 41% of the consumers are in fact, able to pay a charge for having same-day delivery and 24% of the customers have in fact accepted that they are willing to pay more for getting their packages delivered within a two-hour time frame. 

Most of the consumers look forward to same-day delivery which is often made possible by the eCommerce companies through logistic companies like DTDC and India Post, however, there is a significant gap between this demand and supply of one-day delivery. However, the growth presents a huge space for growth and opportunity for one-day delivery. It also needs to be noted that fast shipping for different considerations is different. However, a two-day delivery can be considered fast too. 

What Is The Status Of One-Day Delivery?

Currently, 51% of the retailers offer the users with same-day delivery and a huge chunk of the retailers are looking forward to ensuring one-day delivery within two years. Mostly the young consumers of the age group 18-43 years expect same-day delivery and this demographic is quite ready to pay for same-day delivery too. It has also been reported that 49% of online shoppers have the tendency to continue shopping online if the retailer delivers the product on the same day. 

A survey indicated that 25% of shoppers are likely to abandon a filled cart if the retailer is not providing same-day delivery. The tendency towards same-day delivery arises from the need to get orders immediately and secondly, many retailers also offer same-day delivery for free. For the young demographic, who have seen Amazon delivering the product in one-day, the expectation is high from other retail stores too and getting their product delivered within one day is exceptionally important. 

Is One-Day Delivery Eco-Friendly?

Achieving one-day delivery is not easy. It requires high cost and of course, it should overcome the obvious logistical challenges. However, when one thinks about the long-term, one-day delivery looks like a good investment, especially from the environmental perspective. 

The faster delivery speed that is guaranteed by one-day delivery reduces the carbon emissions because the products are mostly placed in fulfillment centres that are located very close to the customer. Hence, long routes are avoided for one-day shipment. However, the picture is not as straightforward as it looks. A one-day shipment that requires the company to speed up the process actually reduces the optimization of the logistic infrastructure. For instance, in a no-rush delivery, the packages that need to be delivered to similar destinations are shipped together. However, that is not mostly the case when it comes to one-day delivery. To actually reduce the carbon emissions while ensuring one-day delivery, the companies will have to make bigger tweaks. 

One way of ensuring eco-friendly transportation for one-day delivery includes reducing the number of packages that are shipped by air. In e-commerce delivery, air cargo stops being the culprit for carbon emissions. Because air cargo is so energy-intensive, reducing its usage can positively help the environment. No clear study has been carried out for understanding the impact of one-day delivery on the environment.

Providing one-day delivery is extremely vital in the current world as it is not something that the customer despite but it has become a norm that the customers expect. Not only eCommerce companies can provide one-day delivery, however, but many are also able to fulfil the delivery in two days and even that can be labelled as fast delivery. Therefore, one-day delivery has become extremely important for satisfying the customers. Amazon has strongly created a benchmark with its one-day delivery and though many other companies are trying to follow the trend started by Amazon, not any eCommerce is as strong as Amazon in this one-day game but with the rising expectations of the customers, many online stores are working towards it. 

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