Why you need a good warm up and cool down sessions

A good warm up and cool down session is of much importance before and after a workout. Listed below are the reasons why one should perform a good warm up and and cool down sessions.

What does a good warm-up do to your body


1. Increases blood flow to the muscles which enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients.

2. Prepares our muscles for stretching.

3. Prepares our heart for an increase in activity.

4. Prepares us mentally for the upcoming exercise.

5. Prevents unnecessary stress or fatigue on the muscles.

6. Prevents unnecessary cramping or numbness

What does a good cool down do to your body

1. Helps our heart rate and breathing to return towards resting levels gradually.

2. Helps avoid fainting and dizziness.

3. Helps to remove lactic acid, which can build up during vigorous activity.

4. Helps your muscles to get relaxed and recover by the time of next session of workout.

5. Prevents injuries.