The WellPaper app is the key to digital health: Read below to know more

The WellPaper app is designed by OneLab Studio that uses your screen-on time data to create personalised wallpapers.

According to a report from Glance, an average Indian user unlocked their phones atleast 70 times per day. This estimate was concluded with the help of user activity on the Glance platform between January 2020 and January 2021.

As work from home culture gains popularity, the amount of time spent on smartphones have increased majorly. It is necessary for us to track the time we spend on our devices consistently. For this purpose, we can use WellPaper app from OneLab Studio that track our screen-time through innovative wallpaper styles.

This app does not require it’s users to use a separate app to check your screen time. It processes and estimates your screen-on time data to create personalised, live wallpapers.

Users can use from three styles:

Composition Wallpaper- It shows six coloured tiles. By tapping on any one of them from your home or lock screen shows the app categories (social, entertainment, communication, etc.) Indications if screen time has increased or decreased is done by arrows.

Radial- It comprises of a gradient version of six coloured circles. They change size according to your screen time.

Glow- It consists of six neon rings. These rings will change their thickness depending on how much time you spend on your phone on a daily basis.

WellPaper app keeps your data safe and secure. It does not ask you to sign up for anything. This app will help maintain digital health among the masses. It’ll remind users to stay within daily screen-time limits.

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