8 effective tips to manage stress


Charlie Chaplin once said “Nothing is permanent in this wicked World, not even our troubles” and that is the secret to manage stress. In life, struggles, pain and challenges are common and every individual irrespective of their power, social position, age, caste and so on has to go through these. These troubles will come and go but life goes on. Whereas people instead of fighting back or completing the demand of the challenges, they sit back and stress themselves to a level that possibly can kill their self confidence, motivation, courage, strength and passion. Stress is a feeling of emotional tension that arises from events and thoughts that make you feel nervous, frustrated and angry. Sometimes regret can also evoke the emotional tension or stress. Stress can make one person feel like quiting or killing oneself. But the fact is that it’s not the stress that kills us, it is our own reaction to it. Whereas as stress management is a skill that every person needs to learn. It will teach one how to react to situations, events and thoughts that has the tendency to build emotional tension or stress in us. This will make you break the hold of stress on your life, letting you live a happy and healthy life. Stress has a huge negative impact on your health. These health related issues include high blood pressure, low energy, Insomnia, loss of weight and hair, mental disturbance and so on. Whereas it can break your courage and optimistic attitude towards life and challenges. 

In order to overcome these hurdles and health issues that is caused because of taking stress, one must know the stress management skills and some other tips. Here’s a list of 8 effective tips to manage stress one goes through or is going through in life.


8 effective tips to manage stress


1. Talk to someone

You can always talk to someone you trust, about your stress and worries will help you to easily release those worries and tension that are stressing. Whereas the other person might have any solution to your problem and can help you.


2. Write it all

Keeping dairy and expressing all your feelings on white pages can effectively manage your stress. Write down those thoughts and events that is stressing you. This will free your mind with all unnecessary worries and tension.


3. Spend time with children

It has been evident that spending time with small kids and children can instantly provide you relief and released your stress and worries. The innocence and cuteness of children can inspire you.


4. Be Optimistic


Never see the half empty glass, instead try to notice the half filled glass. An optimistic attitude can play a big role in not only stress management but also for the other problems, associated with life. Always try to find a way out of it, instead of getting puzzled in. There’s always a way left, that will lead you to a happy and stress free life.


5. Exercise regularly

Physical workout and exercise can vastly impact your mental health too. A person having a fit body can successfully fight stress and problems causing stress. Stretching, running and so many other exercise will effectively manage your stress.


6. Eat healthy

While you are going through any stress or disturbing thought or event, you must keep a good care of your body. A healthy body is necessary to have healthy mind. For healthy mind and body, your diet must include green vegetables, protein and healthy drinks.


7. Acceptance

Acceptance is hardest lesson to learn but if once learnt, nothing can bother you again in the course of life. Accept the reality and the truth. Things are not going to change even if you take a lot of stress. What is stored in fortune will play into the picture. So accept the facts and realities to stop worrying or taking stress in life.


8. Practice Yoga

Yoga has many benefits when it comes to building a healthy and strong mind and body. Half an hour of doing yoga can instantly release your stress and worries. Sukhasana, Balasana, Ananda Balasana are some of the best known stress management Yoga.


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