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7 tips for building a healthy relationship 

Relationship is the most important aspect in human life and one must value it. Here are 7 tips for building a healthy relationship.

Human is a social animal and we always need someone to share, communicate and connect with. Even if we try hard not to be in any relationship, however we end up having one. Relationship doesn’t have any particular definition and form. We share family, romantic, friendship, neighbour and formal relationship with other people. It’s very important to have at least one strong and healthy relationship in life. These not only provide happiness but also becomes strength in several ups and down in life. While it is very hard to build a healthy relationship. It took years of trust and confidence that we invest in a relationship to make it healthy and strong. Once a healthy relationship is built on the strong base of trust, the walls of these relationships will always protect you, will always make you happy, provide you strength and keep will keep you away from all the filthy and negative thoughts, expression and people. 

But in today’s world of ignorance, we tend to forget these relationships and desperately look for new one. Where as with our busy and hectic schedule it is not always possible to try to strengthen existing relationship and get or offer favour and help in just one call. But there are several ways to build a healthy and strong relationship in this world of ignorance and materialistic people all around.


7 tips for building a healthy relationship


Build Trust

Trust and honesty is the foundation laying stone for any relationship. Unless and until you put full confidence and faith in a particular relationship, you are not going to build a healthy relationship. You need to invest trust in other so that an ambience of faith can be build around your relationship.


Invest Time

Time is best medicine to build a healthy relationship. You need to invest time in your relationship so that a two way flow of trust can play into picture. Sometimes it takes years to build a relationship while sometime it just takes few seconds to build a never ending strong bond.


Uninterrupted communication

Sometimes miscommunication and lack of clarity in what you want to say and show, can lead to complications and misunderstandings. You need to have an uninterrupted communication with clarity in your words and gesture. What ever you want to say either bad or good, be clear and directly talk to that people instead murmuring and bitching at back. If not personally, then on phone or social media, keep them connected. Not regular but keep a constant touch with others in a relationship.


Acknowledge small little things

For a healthy relationship it is important to value small little gestures and things. Regular good morning text, asking for good health, being acknowledged about others life are some of the small gestures that can help you to build a healthy relationship.


Respect each other

Beside trust, respect is another valid as  well as essential component in a relationship that helps to build a healthy and strong bond. You might don’t have a parallel opinion with the other person in a relationship and it sometimes may fill you with anger. But you must respect their opinions. Not only opinions but also sentiments, choices, likes and dislikes, thoughts and so on. A two way flow of respect will help to build a healthy relationship.


Do not keep expectations

In a relationship, people don’t hurt you, instead it is your own expectations that you grow and carry for others that hurts if they are not  fulfilled. Try to avoid expectations from others in a relationship. Where there is expectation, love doesn’t exist. Relationship with expectations is a business. Do help the other and fulfill their expectations but in return don’t expect the same.


Keep your commitments

It’s recommended not to make false promises and commitment to other person in a relationship. Commitment is a heavy word to carry. You need to keep that if once made. Breaking a commitment in a relationship shows your ignorance and negligence for that particular relationship.