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4 Habits that promote self-acceptance & self-love


Self-love and self-acceptance are broad concepts with multiple meanings, but they all boil to a simple thing: feeling good about ourselves. We all have moments of disappointment where we let ourselves down and fail to achieve our goals. But if this disappointment stems from unrealistically lofty standards and excessive comparisons with others, who is to blame?

Patterns of harsh self-criticism and negativity damage self-esteem, setting the stage for anxiety, depression and severe emotional concerns. No one can lead a happy, fulfilling life while drowning in feelings of inadequacy and self-loathing. These negative feelings reflect on every aspect of our lives, from our mental and physical health to our relationships, work and future goals.

Read on to explore simple habits that will help you cultivate self-acceptance and self-love.

1. Make Time to Pamper Yourself

Modern-day media has reduced the idea of self-care to luxurious spa days and fancy retreats, making people believe they can’t pamper themselves without spending hundreds of dollars. It is important to think beyond the advertised and preconceived notions of self-care and tap into your emotions and feelings. How would you like to take care of yourself?

Self-care is unique for everyone. Some people love manicures and pedicures followed by a hearty meal and fun banter with friends. Others prefer curling up with a good read or enjoying a tall glass of wine with soulful music. The goal is to find self-care rituals that make you feel happy and relaxed and add them to your daily routine.

2. Treat your Body with Love & Respect

People who truly love themselves treat their bodies with love and respect. Respecting your body demands a healthy, nutrient-rich diet and regular exercise to promote fitness and prevent health concerns. It also demands breaking free from absurd and unrealistic beauty standards and loving every inch of yourself.

You can cultivate self-love by abandoning societal beauty standards and loving yourself exactly the way you are. If you want to sculpt the body of your dreams, make sure this change comes from a positive mindset. Treat your body like a sacred temple and this mindset will help you steer clear of activities that violate its sanctity, like unhealthy food and smoking.

3. Connect with your Emotions

If you’re struggling with self-criticism or self-loathing, you need to connect with your emotions to understand why you’re so disappointed with yourself. Are you increasingly self-critical because of unrealistic standards set by your family? Do you have a habit of comparing yourself to others and belittling yourself for achieving less than them?

Living in the moment and processing emotions and thoughts without reacting will help you understand why you’re feeling so dejected. It will help you adopt a non-judgmental attitude towards yourself, and process your emotions healthily.

4. Enjoy the Things you Love

There’s no healthier way to love and validate yourself than making time for your hobbies and the activities you genuinely love. Our lives are not meant to revolve around a monotonous job, paying bills and pleasing the people around us. The secret to a rewarding life lies in doing the things you love and doing them as often as possible.

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Research reveals that enjoying the activities that make us feel good stimulates the nucleus accumbens in the brain – the area responsible for regulating our thoughts on life.

Final Thoughts

Developing self-acceptance and self-love is important to muster the motivation you need to accomplish your dreams and goals. Considering yourself ‘less than others’ is a negative mindset that will encourage you to love yourself less and less. Believing in yourself and nurturing your self-esteem is crucial to design the life you dream of living.

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