Which are the top five forts in India you should visit?

We will present to you the top five forts in India.

India has got something in its heritage that is royalty. After the kings’ era ended and we started adapting to democracy. In India, every state has a fort that remains a history of the kings and queens there once lived. Now we will shot the top five forts you must visit.

Top Five Forts in India


1. Golconda Fort

This fort is situated in Hyderabad. It is termed an architectural marvel. This fort had world-known diamonds like Kohinoor, Nassak, Hope and many others. Mainly, the light shows in this fort attract the tourists. The light shows is organised at different times. The show narrates the lives of the kings and the queens who lived here.

2. Jhansi Fort

This fort is situated in Uttar Pradesh. This fort used to belong to Rani Laxmi Bai, the bravest queen in the history of the kingdom era. Queen Rani Laxmi Bai use to fight for her dignity and claimed rights for her motherland. Jhansi fort was built with a Bundela as well as Maratha style in combination. It consists 20 feet granite walls.

3. Kangra Fort

This fort was situated in Himachal Pradesh. It is located in the mountains of Kangra. This fort was built by the Rajput family. In 1615, Akbar tried to break it but the thick walls protected the nobility of the Kangra Fort.

4. Mehrangarh Fort

This fort is situated in Rajasthan. A lot of Bollywood films such as Hum Saath Saath hai and The Dark Knight Rises were shot in this fort. This fort is considered one of the greatest forts in India.

5. Red Fort

This fort is also known as ‘Lal Kila’ is situated in Delhi. Shah Jahan is the builder of Red Fort. This fort consists of a mosque inside named Moti Masjid along with many other structures within the walls of Red Fort Complex.