Travel Essentials for women: What to pack


Even though packing for a trip might be quite challenging, keeping a running list of the things you’ll need will help! It is the best method of packing. It’s probably safe to assume that if you compile a list of everything you’ll need for the trip, you won’t forget to bring anything important. Before going, you must make a list of your travel essentials.


Having a luxurious bag on a trip could be very risky as it might get stolen. Choose your bag wisely as it has to be having a lightweight body and enough space to pack all your essentials. While packing for a trip, you should have at least two bags, one should be a trolley bag for clothes and other stuff while one bag should carry all your frequently needed essentials.

Documents are mandatory!

Documents are mandatory to be carried as they are needed at various places, be it hotel check-ins or for renting vehicles for travelling.



Try packing only a minimal amount of makeup. You can also pack some of the things in empty and petite containers, easily available at shops or even recycle an old one. For instance, if your moisturiser bottle is heavy and large, take some amount of it and store it in a smaller container.

Chargers or cables

Pack them separately for hassle-free travelling. Gadgets or cables are asked to be checked separately at airports and also they get entangled easily, to avoid such situations, pack them differently.


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