Top 10 places to visit in scenic Ladakh

Here are the top ten scenic places to visit on your next trip to Ladakh.

Ladakh is a blend of Indian, Buddhist and Tibetan culture, a place filled with natural and untouched beauty. Visiting Ladakh can definitely prove to be one of the best adventures of your life.

Here are top 10 places that you must explore on your trip to Ladakh-



Zanskar Valley

Snow covered mountains and heavenly skies of the Zaskar valley will definitely blow your mind. This place is so beautiful and calm that it will take you a while to believe that it’s true. You can also enjoy river rafting here. A visit to Zanskar valley is surely an adventure of a lifetime.


Nubra Valley

Also called as the valley of flowers Nubra valley is famous for its scenic views, Bactrian camel and Orchards. Situated at about 150 km from Leh, it is surrounded by Himalayan ranges which gives one a breathtaking view it is most soughtly visited for its sand dunes which will make you feel like you are in the Arabian Nights movie. Don’t forget to enjoy a camel safari to make the experience fulfilling.

Hemis National Park

If you are a wildlife lover than the Hemis National Park must be on your list .this park is the home to many rare species like the Asiatic ibex, leopards, Tibetan wolf, the Eurasian brown bear and the red fox. A safari in the park is a joyful experience.


Hemis Monastery

Located in Hemis, the Monastry is at about 45 km from Leh. This is one of the most famous monastery in India. The monastery is decorated with colourful flags from all the sides. The annual festival taking place on the tenth month of the Tibetan calendar is a major attraction. The place also has collection of Thankas, gold statues and beautiful stupas.


Thiksey Gompa

Thiksey Gompa is a beautiful monastery located at just 20 km from Leh. It is at height of 11,800 ft from the ground and seems like it’s touching the sky. It is a 12 storey complex with Buddhist arts like Buddhist books, journals, statues, scripts, swords and paintings.


Royal Leh Palace

The palace was constructed in 1600 by Sengge Namgyai. It is nine storeys high and the palace museum holds an amazing collection of traditional jewellery, ceremonial dresses, crown and Tibetan paintings.


Tso Kar

Also known as white lake, it is situated in the Rupshu Plateau. This place is really a eaven on earth and is a retreat for travellers. To make the experience better you can try camping here.

Dha and Hanu

Dha and Hanu are two villages in ladakh. If you want to experience the culture of Drokpa tribe then a visit to these two places is a must. The Dropka tribe use colourful headgears, face masks and jewellery in their attire.


Hall of Fame

The hall of fame is built in the memory of those who fought bravely in the Indo-Pakistan war and sacrificed their lives for the country. The museum is constructed and run by the Indian army and houses war weapons, history exhibits and arms used by the soldiers.


Zorawar Fort

The fort was built in 1930 by General Zorawar Singh after he captured and won Ladakh. The fort is made of clay, sun dried stones and stones. It is a good place to explore architecture of Ladakh.