Thinking about Travelling to Israel? Here’s how to Plan a Trip!

If you are planning to visit Israel but wondering how to plan a trip, well then, this blog will help you plan Israel tours. No doubt Israel is a wonderful place to visit and there is a lot to unfold or discover. It’s a place where you can create memories of a lifetime. However, people often struggle to prepare themselves for this adventure. To get that confusion cleared, we’ll help you prepare for the trip, we will discuss how to for the trip and what to expect when you get there.

Let’s begin with the most commonly asked question by people who want to visit Israel – Is it safe or not?

Is Israel Safe to Visit?

If you’re wondering if it would be safe to travel to Israel, well then, the answer is yes. Israel is super safe. You can feel the vibrance and friendliness right when you arrive there. Especially, Tel Aviv. The city is extremely safe for women to walk during the night or, well, the entire time.

However, there are some places that you should avoid going to and some places that you can visit with groups. But don’t worry, if you are sticking to a typical traveling route of the place then you should be absolutely fine.

How Long Should You Stay in Israel?

Well, the minimum stay in Israel should be of at least a week. If you can stretch it, then it would be great. But a minimum of a week is recommended. Because there is a lot to see.

Is Travelling in Israel Expensive?

Unfortunately, yes. Israel is expensive. Accommodation there is quite expensive and so is the food. Be it in hotels or the street food. There are multiple options available, like hostels, hotels, even Airbnb, but the prices can be easily compared to Western Europe, North America, etc.

What to Expect When You Land in Israel?

Go with a sense of adventure and you’d have the time of your life. Israel is super welcoming and friendly. The food there is fantastic. Talking about the country’s hospitality, it’s something you will not forget that easily. It’s that great. The country is extremely beautiful and a delight to visit.

How to Navigate and Go On & About from One Place to Another?

The easiest way to travel in Israel is the car rentals, which you can get right from the airport. However, if you want to explore Tel Aviv, then get the car rental afterward. Keep in mind that car rentals charge an extra fee for the GPS. So, the best thing that you can do to save money is to get an Israeli SIM card and navigate using that.

Of course, the most practical and smart way to travel to Israel would be to get an affordable Israel tour package, which covers all the major destinations and accommodation. This way you wouldn’t have to worry about anything and can travel smoothly.

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