Ready to travel again? Look for these 10 International travel Insurance benefits

Lives are getting back on track after pandemic havoc so do international traveling. Countries worldwide have opened their borders for travelers with new travel guidelines. But, international travel insurance is still vital and now even necessary if you want to travel safe and secure abroad. So, if you are ready to travel again, look for these benefits that the best travel insurance India plans offer:

Extensive Coverage: Overseas travel insurance provides comprehensive coverage, including medical and non-medical travel risks to all the insured members. It helps if you are stuck in any untoward event in a foreign country. You can enjoy every bit of your stay abroad without stress with travel insurance.


Cashless Claim Settlement: One of the exclusive benefits of international travel insurance is a cashless claim. In whatever country you are, you can go for the cashless treatment at the network hospitals impaneled with the travel insurance company during an emergency without getting bothered about the local currency.

Region-Specific Plans: Travel insurance guidelines may differ from country to country. That is why you can choose a region-specific plan explicitly designed as per the travel advisory of the particular countryside to get hassle-free coverage.

COVID-19 Cover: With a new travel advisory and foreign travel insurance, you can travel internationally without a hitch. Trusted brands like Care Health Insurance and more offers comprehensive travel policies with COVID cover. Read their plans for more details and fly without a COVID fear.

Coverage for Pre-Existing Diseases: Now, your pre-existing diseases will not create hinder in your travel abroad. These diseases get coverage under the international travel insurance in case of a life-threatening situation. That is why it is a must to disclose pre-existing conditions before you buy travel insurance online.

Visa Fee Refund: For some countries, overseas travel insurance is mandatory to get the visa. However, if your visa gets rejected without any fault or negligence, you will get a refund under the policy.  It saves you from the monetary loss.

Reimbursement for Loss: Whether it is a trip delay/ cancellation/termination, loss of checked-in baggage, belongings, etc., you will get the refund up to the sum insured under policy coverage.

Compensation: Mishappening such as the death of the insured person, permanent disability, or terrorist attack ruins the journey. The travel insurance policy offers compensation (to the nominee in case of death of the insured person) to the insured person for the misfortune.

QuickAssistance: Theft, loss of documents, personal liability, etc., may happen in a foreign country. International travel insurance does not allow them to halt your joy. You will get quick assistance for these problems too.

Multi-Trip Policy: For frequent flyers, a multi-trip travel policy option is also available. You can buy a policy at once and enjoy multiple trips under the same plan. It saves both your time and money.

New Coverage Benefits: Travel insurance companies have widened the scope of the coverage. These companies now offer cover for missed flight connection/hijack distress allowance/automatic trip extension to keep you at bay from unnecessary stress during your tour.

Online Availability: If you are running short with time and have so much to do for your next international travel you can buy travel insurance online.  Visit the official websites of these travel insurance companies and get the policy in a few clicks.

Leading Travel Insurance Companies

Below are the top travel insurance companies offer the best travel insurance India plans:

  • Bharti AXA Travel Insurance
  • Care Health Insurance
  • Future Generali Travel Insurance
  • Digit Travel Insurance
  • HDFC Ergo Health Travel Insurance


Whether it is leisure, business, or study, travelling outside India is safe with international travel insurance. So, grab it and explore the beauty of the world fearlessly.