Indians now allowed to travel to Qatar, here are all the requirements

All visitors need to mandatorily register on the website 12 hours before flight departure in order to get a travel permit. 

The Qatar government has loosened its restrictions on Indian travellers, allowing them to visit Doha, Qatar with approved visas. Qatar has allowed citizens, their immediate family members and permanent residents to visit the country. Travellers visiting for business or tourism purposes will also be allowed entry. However, all visitors need to mandatorily register on the website 12 hours before flight departure in order to get a travel permit.

The Qatar government has mandated the use of its official contact tracing application phone application ‘Ehteraz’ for anyone to visit places like malls and restaurants and to travel through public transport or cabs. Thus, all travellers are advised to download the app and get it activated. A Qatari sim would be required for the purpose.

Further, visitors who are not vaccinated will have to face a quarantine for 7-10 days. The following people would be considered not vaccinated by the state of Qatar:

  1. Those who have received only a single vaccine dose
  2. Those who have received the second dose less than 14 days ago
  3. Those who have been administered vaccines not recognised by Qatar’s health ministry

Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health has given full approval to Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca(including Covishield) and J&J vaccines. It has also given conditional approval to the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine.

Unvaccinated citizens who are travelling back to Qatar after receiving treatment abroad will be required to show a health certificate to be issued by committee for Medical Treatment Abroad.

Unvaccinated visitors who have travelled to several countries in the previous ten days will be required to stay in a low-risk country for ten days. Only then will they be allowed the quarantine privileges.

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