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Indian Railways Produces Its Most Powerful Locomotive Yet

The Prime Minister turns his words into a series of actions, after his last speech on 12th May, 2020. He concisely spoke of his aim to make India, an independent nation that could have an economical back bone of its own. He used cohesive examples of moving from, dependent consumption of imported mask to a self sustained supply. On the 18th May, 2020 he proved to his nation that truly, he is a man of his words.  The Indian Railways produced its first ever high horsepower engine, operationalised on a broad gauge track. This made India one of the six such countries in the world that can independently produce these engineering miracles. This was possible under the guidelines of the Make In India Program. Started by the Prime Minister on the 10th April, 2020.

This first 12000 Horse Power locomotive was manufactured by Madhepura Electric Loco Factory in Bihar. It was history in the making, when it departed from Pt Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Jn Station at 14:08 pm consisting of 118 wagons which travelled to Barwadih. This locomotive has a 3 phase drive with the ability to carry a maximum tractive effort of 706 kN. The locomotive with twin Bo-Bo design is able to carry 25 Tonnes with a speed of 120 kmph. It can be tracked through GPS for its use through embedded software. Antennae  can be lifted through the servers on the ground through a microwave link.