Enriching Holiday Experience with Club Mahindra Membership


They say, ‘to each their own.’ When it comes to holidays, every individual and every family has their preferences. You may be the laidback one who likes to relax and chill while on holiday, while your spouse may be the super enthusiastic one who likes to enjoy new experiences, explore the little-known places around, and indulge in new activities. Sometimes it can be challenging to zero down on a holiday destination that caters to the interest of everyone in your family.

But if you have a Club Mahindra membership, you can conveniently turn a blind eye to such concerns. The Club Mahindra holiday experience is designed to cater to all your family members’ needs and give you a lifetime of unforgettable experiences. There are different Club Mahindra membership plans, each of which is meticulously planned to make your holiday planning easy. It is your answer to creating beautiful holiday memories with your parents, spouse, or extended family.

Let us look at how Club Mahindra membership gives you an enriching holiday experience.

You get access to exclusive privileges.

When you become a Club Mahindra member, you can access many exclusive privileges, like joining Club M. This members-only group offers a wide range of discounts to over 800 leading restaurants across India. You can also get unique and exclusive offers on your flight bookings, 12,000+ international cruises, and deals on health activities in your city. Where else would you get such benefits?

In addition, the Club Mahindra membership cost includes a complimentary 2-year RCI membership that gives you access to stay at the resorts in some of the best places to enjoy a luxurious stay.

Chance to indulge in unbelievable and unique experiences

Club Mahindra is the only hospitality company of its kind in India that offers its members a chance to indulge in 2000+ specially curated and unbelievable experiences. The experiences include a wide range of f activities for all your family members. The activities are specially crafted to let you, your children, and elderly family members have fun and bond together as a family.

Also, these experiences allow you to meet and socialise with other guests at the resort and form new bonds and friendships that can last forever. In short, there is something for everyone!

Stay at stunning properties


As a Club Mahindra member, you need not worry about spending hours online to find the best accommodation facility. You can enjoy a premium living experience at the 110+ Club Mahindra resorts and its partner properties in India and overseas. These properties are located at the most stunning locations and have the most spacious rooms and amenities that will make you feel at home.

You even have the flexibility to choose the room type based on the number of people you are travelling with; you can choose from studio apartments to 2 BHK rooms as you wish. A special mention to the strategic locations of these properties; they are surrounded by natural beauty all around, offering you uninterrupted views of the scenery.

These resorts are located in hill stations, beaches, and other famous vacation spots across the country. This means as you explore different cities and towns, you have a reliable, safe, and premium abode to enjoy a comfortable stay. Lastly, all the Club Mahindra properties are sprawling and spread over acres of land; exploring them in itself is an adventure!

Full value for money

If you believe Club Mahindra membership fees are too high, think again. Think of the benefits you get, think of the access to 25 years of holiday, and the amazing holiday experiences you get to enjoy. The Club Mahindra charges you pay are a one-time investment, and you need not worry about rising hotel prices ever again.

This means once you become a member, you get assured holidays irrespective of the fluctuating hotel prices, especially during the peak season. Isn’t that an excellent deal? Besides, once you are a member, you get full access to all Club Mahindra’s services.

Whether you are holidaying in Kerala, Sikkim, Jaipur, Goa, or Shimla, you can be assured of having the best vacation. You can get pampered at the spa, have a wonderful culinary experience as you gorge on the best of local cuisine, chill in the pool, play adventure sports, learn a new skill, or just sit back and relax in your room and do nothing at all!

Easy EMI Options

A Club Mahindra membership need not be a financial burden. So, for the best benefits of the potential members, they give people the flexibility to pay the Club Mahindra membership price in easy EMIs starting from Rs. 9773

With so many benefits, it is high time you give yourself and your family the best holiday by buying the Club Membership. You can read through the Club Mahindra reviews online and get a sneak peek of how the members are having a gala time before you make your decision. Also, make sure that you read about the different Club Mahindra membership plans, and you can choose the one that best suits your family’s needs. Happy Holidays!