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Discover the Flavour of Brussels

One of those places that you simply cannot visit without trying the native food is Brussels. Though they don’t advertise them as much as the French or the Italians do, Brussels cuisine is more diverse than just Brussels sprouts. The world’s largest density of Michelin restaurants per square km is, incidentally, found in Belgium. If you’re a gourmet who enjoys sampling all delectable foods, you’ll be interested in our nice addresses below. There is always something to pique your curiosity and sate your appetite in Brussels, whether you’re roaming the streets, resting on a bench in the middle of the city, or beside the Ixelles ponds.

To taste all this deliciousness, plan your gastronomic tour in advance and correctly! Two airports provide service to Brussels. Most of the passenger traffic is handled by Brussels Airport, also known as Zaventem Airport. More than 20 million passengers take local and international flights via it each year. The second-largest airport in the nation, Charleroi Airport, mostly collaborates with low-cost carriers. Because of the overcrowding at Brussels’ main airport and the growing tourist appeal of Belgium, Charleroi Airport has seen a recent uptick in popularity.

Despite the fact that Charleroi airport is 60 km from Brussels, it is very easy for tourists to get to the city. The Brussels City Shuttle is the most well-liked method of transportation from the airport to central Brussels. Buses and trains may also take you from Charleroi Airport to Brussels; you simply need to find a connection. But a taxi to Charleroi airport is still the most practical choice. You have the choice to arrange an airport transfer from a reputable AtoB airport taxi service if you still want to go pleasantly to the hotel in Brussels. Compared to a taxi in the airport, the fare with pre-booked airport transfer will be significantly less. Also, the price of an AtoB airport taxi per person won’t be as high if you are traveling in a small group, such as on a business trip. You will receive a fast Charleroi airport transfer reservation and final pricing with no additional fees when buying online.


A satisfying breakfast is the beginning of a wonderful day. Waffles from Belgium are a tradition that will pamper your spirit and tummy. You’ll be drawn in by the fragrance of pastries everywhere you go. However, we suggest that you go by AtoB airport transfer or just walk to the Royal Galleries of St. Hubert. You can locate the Mokafe there; it’s hard to imagine a more genuine location with a patio in the middle of a historic monument. Notably, a range of breakfasts and brunches are offered here. It will at the very least be palatable and lovely.

Belgian waffles – Waffle Factory

Belgian waffles can be eaten sweetened or unsweetened, in a variety of sizes and forms, and are both a national meal and a popular street snack. The variety of fillings is so vast that sampling them all would take a full trip. Everyone will find something they like at one of the several waffles stands that line Rue de l’Etuve (you can easily get here by Charleroi airport transfer). From 2 to 5 euros is approximately the same price everywhere.


Waffle Factory is the most well-known waffle restaurant. Here, there are consistently long lineups to enter. Savory waffles with cheese or salmon are popular, as are sweet waffles with berries and whipped cream.

L’Archiduc bar

Saxophones were invented in Brussels, therefore it’s hardly surprising that jazz can be heard practically anywhere you open a door. We advise you to have your airport taxi stop close to the L’Archiduc bar. The top artists from the city (and beyond) play there gratis every Saturday from 5 to 7 p.m. You must rap on the door to get in. The inside was created in a 1930s-era design. Since the bar’s alcohol menu is more than worthy – for any taste and price – you may set up a sampling here. And for genuine music lovers, every spring, Brussels has a jazz festival, after which music can be heard in every pub, restaurant, street, and public space!

Belgian beer – Delirium Cafe

Along with Munich and Prague, Brussels is one of the world’s “beer capitals.” Two-thirds of the over 900 beers made here can only be consumed in Belgium; they are not bottled or distributed through big-box retailers. Some brews have been continuously produced for 400–500 years.

The famous Delirium Cafe is where most people go. More than 2,000 different types of beer exist. It seems like there is not enough time in the day to try them all. Strong Belgian beers served in liter mugs are its top sellers. Be cautious since simply one cup of these beers might lead you to become really inebriated. The tavern is situated 200 meters from the Grand Place in a narrow lane. Across the street from the entrance is a statue of a  peeing girl. By using the tube, get off at the “De Vgocskege” station on branch 1. Or just book an AtoB airport taxi to get here.


With more chocolate manufacturers than any other city in the world, Brussels is known as the capital of chocolate. In Brussels, there are just as many candy and chocolate shops as there are beer pubs, catering to every taste and budget. It’s really difficult to leave the candy samples that are offered at almost every establishment.

Leonidas, a prominent figure in the global chocolate business, is a native of Brussels. Thanks to carefully kept traditions and workmanship, this brand of chocolate has been a favorite among both residents and tourists in the city for more than a century. More than a hundred different types of candies with various fillings, marzipan, fruit-infused chocolate, truffles, and other sweets are available for those who enjoy sugar. So reserve an AtoB airport taxi and try everything! You may create your own boxes of chocolates weighing up to a kg, making their chocolates the ideal memento of Brussels. Approximately 50 shops are located in Brussels alone.