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Best Places to Visit In Nagaland to Level Up your Travel Diaries

Here are the best places to visit while on your next adventure to Nagaland.


Nagaland is tucked in the north-east of India It is a landlocked state. You can experience the culture, customs, and rituals of different tribes that reside here. This state is known as the Land of Festivals. This state has at least one major event each month all round here. So, you can plan your visit in any month just around those festivals, so you can enjoy the richness of their culture. However, Nagaland has a lot of places to visit that can level up your travel diaries.

Here is the list of best places to visit in Nagaland.




If you wish to see the mind-blowing and surreal beauty of nature, then you should totally explore this district in Nagaland. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions here. It houses many hotspots for travelers. If you really want to indulge in the culture and history of this region, then you can visit Khezakeno, a small heritage village in this district.



If you want to visit the best location in Nagaland, then undoubtedly you should pick the capital city, Kohima. The Angami tribe, who predominate this region is what you can see here and experience their life. You can also get a view of one of the scenarios of the Second World War by visiting Kohima War Cemetry. The Japfu Peak (3048m) and the Puliebadze Peak are other famous tourist spots in Kohima.



What awaits here in the entry point of Nagaland? The Dimapur Jain Temple and The Kachari Ruins. History enthusiasts love this 10th-century ruins and that is what adds to the charms of this place. You can also visit the craft village, Diezephe. There is also a Baptist Church here as Christianity is also the religion whose future you will find in the roots of Nagaland.

Tuophema Village


Thatched huts, traditional artifacts, jewelry, clothing, and souvenir museum, and authentic Naga delicacies are offered at this village of Tuophema. The major attraction for tourists is the grand festival that takes place every February in this village, The Angami Sekrenyi festival. So, you can expect a large number of tourists around this time in Nagaland.



A place that belongs to the descendants of Noah, Konyak Nagas is surely worth a visit. It is beautifully tucked at 897.64 m above sea level, which gives you a spectacular view of this beautiful tourist spot in Nagaland.



If you are fond of exploring some solitude and peaceful villages, then Benreu is the best one out there in Nagaland. It sits across the third highest peak in Nagaland, Mount Pauna at the height of 1950 meters. You can witness heavy rains and clouds as it is located at elevation. This place is home to the Zeliang tribe, so you can experience their culture and life too.



If you are a motorist and love scenic views, then this will be your paradise. This place is accessible through roads. It has an old-world charm to it and that will captivate you to the core. As the tribe is skilled in pottery, bamboo work, and spinning skills, you can find such artifacts here. You can get souvenirs from Nagaland in this village.

These were some of the best places in Nagaland that you should visit at least once in your lifetime. This isn’t all, Nagaland has a lot to offer. It has a range of scenic villages and beautiful mountains, dotted lakes, and also a rich diversity in tribes that call Nagaland it’s home.