Another milestone for Indian Railways as its 9000 HP locomotive clears trial run

On Monday, the Indian Railways said that its research wing, Research Design & Standards Organization has issued the final speed certificate for running the 9000 HP locomotive.

The new locomotive underwent its oscillation and emergency braking trials at the Research Design & Standards Organization between January 31 and February 26.

According to officials, the locomotive is equipped with modern and advanced features. Also, there has been an upgradation of power of WAP-7 and WAG-9 locomotive from 6,000 HP to 9,000 HP.

Earlier in 2018, the national transporter inducted a 12,000 HP locomotive under a joint venture between France and India.

A few benefits the new locomotive are:

  • Would be used to haul goods rakes
  • Increased line capacity
  • Improved acceleration reserve
  • Increased through-put
  • Enhanced Haulage capacity
  • Better utilisation of rolling stock assets
  • Savings of traction energy cost
  • Reduced fuel expenses
  • Lower Carbon footprint

The new 9000HP locomotive has been built at the CLW (Chittaranjan Locomotive Works), an Indian Railways’ manufacturing unit in West Bengal.

It is worth noting that CLW (Chittaranjan Locomotive Works) has achieved a world record as well for producing 402 electrical locomotives in FY 2018-19.

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