5 underrated European cities that should be on your bucket list

Europe is home to several famous cities that attract millions of tourists each year from all over the world, including Paris, Rome and London. However, beyond these well-traveled paths exist hidden gems – destinations that frequently escape the limelight but provide an excellent holiday experience. Thus, when organizing the next trip to Europe, think about venturing off the beaten path to uncover the amazing holiday experiences that lie ahead in these hidden gems.

Here are 5 underrated European cities that should be on your bucket list


1. Nafplio, Greece

Situated in Greece’s Peloponnese, the coastal city of Nafplio is a surprisingly unexplored place with a lot to offer. One of Europe’s least-known cities, walkable Nafplio is situated along the Argolic Gulf and is filled with castles, cultural attractions and ancient monuments.

2. Bilbao, Spain

Situated in the picturesque Basque Country on Spain’s northeastern coast, Bilbao is set to impress with its rich cultural and food offerings. Enjoy authentic tapas or pintxos; take in the stunning architecture that masterfully combines the ancient and the modern.

3. Porto, Portugal

Nestled on Portugal’s northwest coast, Porto is a hidden gem known for its vibrant architecture. The Douro River, historic wine cellars and lively areas are among this destination’s highlights. Explore the Ribeira area, enjoy port wine at Vila Nova de Gaia’s cellars and be mesmerized by the Dom Luís I Bridge’s splendour while there.

4. Bratislava, Slovakia

Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava, offers an unusual mix of modern vibrancy and mediaeval charm. Its little Old Town is characterized by ancient squares, cobblestone streets and the iconic Bratislava Castle.

5. Valencia, Spain

Valencia is a city that deserves consideration, despite being frequently overshadowed by Barcelona and Madrid. Valencia is a visual feast, known for its modern architecture, which includes the old Silk Exchange and the City of Arts and Sciences.