5 must-visit places in Patan, Nepal

Patan is a hidden gem of Kathmandu Valley! It is also known as Lalitpur and is a national cultural heritage site, acknowledged for its stunning architecture, rich history, and vibrant traditions. Patan, one of the valley’s three historic kingdoms, has a centuries-long history that is deeply rooted in both Hinduism and Buddhism. Here are some best places to visit in Patan, Nepal.

1. Patan Durbar Square


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Patan Durbar Square is the core of the city’s historical and cultural landscape. This historic royal courtyard is surrounded by magnificently carved wooden windows, pagoda-style temples and exquisitely designed mansions. The region showcases the Newar architecture that thrived under the Malla dynasty.

2. Patan Museum

This museum, which is part of the Patan Durbar Square complex, has an impressive collection of traditional Nepali artwork, including paintings, sculptures, metalwork and religious objects.

3. Golden Temple (Hiranya Varna Mahavihar)

For both Buddhists and Hindus, this Buddhist monastery, with its lavish golden decorations, is a holy place. Its magnificent wood carvings, statues and murals provide a peaceful and spiritually significant atmosphere.

4. Mahabouddha Temple

Known as the “Temple of a Thousand Buddhas,” the Mahabouddha Temple showcases the magnificent terracotta work that is unique to Patan. Each brick of this 14th-century masterwork is carved with Buddha’s image, creating a stunning lattice work that envelops the whole edifice.

5. Kumbeshwar Temple

Patan’s Kumbeshwar Temple is an ancient beacon of spirituality and magnificent architecture, standing tall with its impressive five-story structure. This temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is well-known for its beautiful wooden carvings and sacred pond, which is said to connect directly to the holy Gosainkunda Lake.