5 most stunning leaning towers in the world

There are many wonderful buildings across the world that are not straight and built differently. Leaning towers, in particular, capture many people’s attention with their odd shapes and fascinating history. Each of these structures has a distinct story of engineering challenges, cultural significance and lasting fame.

Here are 5 most stunning leaning towers in the world


1. Tiger Hill Pagoda, China

The Tiger Hill Pagoda in China is home to the country’s own unique leaning tower. Built in the year 960 CE, the Huqiu Tower’s remarkable three-degree lean adds to its charm and mystery. This historic pagoda, which is surrounded by beautiful greenery, is a reminder of China’s rich architectural history.

2. Oude Kerk, Netherlands

The gothic tower of the Oude Kerk, built in the fourteenth century, has been leaning since it was built in 1246. Concerns over its stability and its collapse result from local speculation that it was constructed on an old filled-up canal. The Oude Kerk is still a well-known landmark in Amsterdam, attracting tourists from all over the world who come to see its distinctive architecture and extensive history, despite its unsafe lean.

3. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

The Leaning structure of Pisa in Italy is the most renowned leaning structure in the world. This bell tower was constructed between 1173 and 1372, but due to its poor foundation and soft ground, it started to tilt. The tower tilts 3.97 degrees even after several attempts to correct the lean. Millions of tourists visit this distinctive landmark every year to witness its renowned lean.

4. Leaning Bell Tower of Burano, Italy

The Leaning Bell Tower of Burano, which is situated in the Venetian Lagoon on the island of Burano, is less well-known but no less fascinating. This 17th-century tower leans to one side due to sinking ground underneath it. The leaning tower, which is a part of the Church of San Martino, enhances the appeal of Burano, an island known for its vibrant homes and lace-making.

5. Suurhusen Church Tower, Germany

Suurhusen Church Tower is believed to be the world’s most leaning tower since it unintentionally tilts at a greater angle than even the well-known Tower of Pisa, at 5.193 degrees. Its unique architectural design is shown by its amazing lean. This ancient church tower, which is located in the small German village of Suurhusen, draws tourists from all over the world who come to admire its unique lean and learn its intriguing history.