5 most mysterious ghost towns in India to visit

Ghost towns are terrifying to some but remain a mystery to others. A ghost town in India is a town that has been abandoned for several kinds of reasons, including natural disasters, drought, or rumours of a ghost.  There are several such towns in India as well as other countries.

Here are 5 most mysterious ghost towns in India to visit


1. Dhanushkodi

Dhanushkodi, near the southern tip of Pamban Island in Tamil Nadu, was a bustling town until it was destroyed by a cyclone in 1964. The remains of the town, including buildings and a railway station, remain as a haunting reminder of the tragedy.

2. Lakhpat

Lakhpat was once a thriving port and commercial hub. However, the town ultimately collapsed because of the Indus River’s changing course and subsequent earthquakes. Today, all that remains of Lakhpat’s walls, homes and temples serve as a reminder of its glory days.

3. Mandu

Mandu is about 100 km away from Indore. It’s a deserted place that lies on a hillock. Not only do the ruins and historic sites of this Indian ghost town captivate tourists, but the stories can make them come to life. This town is among India’s most romantic ghost towns because of the story of Rani Roopmati and Sultan Baz Bahadur.

4. Bhangarh

Since it is quite well-known, there is no need to introduce this ghost town. It has a long history of black magic and witnessing supernatural powers. People have reported strange dancing noises and other unusual events, making this location even more frightening.

5. Ross Island

Ross Island, situated near Port Blair in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, served as the British administrative headquarters during colonial times. It was, however, abandoned between 1945 and 1946. Tourists can now explore the remnants of British buildings as well as ruins.