5 hidden gems in Las Vegas you need to know about

A popular travel destination in the US, Las Vegas offers numerous adventures that will satisfy every taste. It is renowned for its exciting nightlife, casinos and top-notch restaurants, but that isn’t all. Hidden gems in Las Vegas provide a picturesque escape from city life, bringing an off-beat travel experience.

Here are 5 hidden gems in Las Vegas you need to know about


1. The Nevada State Museum

The Nevada State Museum, situated in the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of seven museums operated by the Nevada Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs. Explore plenty of facts about the state’s history through interactive exhibits, video presentations and interactive displays that portray key events in time.

2. The Seven Magic Mountains

The Seven Magic Mountains, designed by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, rise magnificently over the Mojave Desert skyline. Boulders painted in bright colours reflect the city’s vibrant character, welcoming all visitors to rejoice. The Seven Magic Mountains, one of Las Vegas’ hidden gems, is a romantic and family-friendly retreat with a calm environment.

3. The Neon Museum

Except for this one, several popular museums in Las Vegas get a lot of visitors. Exploring this lesser-known museum will captivate history buffs and outdoor enthusiasts, bringing to life the rich history and culture of the nation.

4. The Valley Of Fire State Park

Famous for its 40,000 acres of vibrant red Aztec sandstone outcrops, The Valley of Fire State Park is yet unexplored by tourists from across the world. It also has 2000-year-old petroglyphs and petrified trees. A perfect place for people looking for a unique vacation experience, it welcomes you to take part in bold activities such as overnight camping and rock climbing.

5. Mount Charleston

Explore Mount Charleston, one of Las Vegas’s best hidden gems, to get away from the busy city life. To feel refreshed, surround yourself with pine forests, expansive views and a variety of animals. To get an adrenaline rush, participate in remarkable adventurous activities such as hiking on easy or tough routes.