5 haunted places in Agra that you must not visit alone

Agra is an extremely popular tourist destination where the Taj Mahal is located. However, the city also has some old forts, palaces and historical sites that have been abandoned for a long time. Places with a haunting past are full of mystery, terror and fascinating history. Therefore, while it’s useful to know which places in Agra are worth seeing, it is also critical to be aware of which should be avoided!

Here are 5 haunted places in Agra that you must not visit alone


1. Agra Fort

The spooky Agra Fort was built between 1567 and 1573. Its history includes several deaths throughout the war as well as the rise and fall of the Mughals. Numerous spots were allegedly created through the use of tantra, witchcraft and demonic spells. The most haunted places are said to be the old Akbari Mahal with its dark chambers and hanging (Fansi Ghar).

2. Saint John College

Another location that is frequently said to be haunted by evil spirits is St. John’s College, which was founded in 1850. Known for being the oldest college in Agra, the school has had several students commit suicide on campus. Some have claimed hearing strange noises on campus after dark, as well as seeing ghosts.

3. Poiya Ghat

This ghat and its surrounding area were believed to be full of odd activities. It is a quiet and isolated spot with a working crematorium in the Dayalbagh neighbourhood. People are afraid of a ghostly presence, thus they avoid going inside at night.

4. Budia ka Tal

It is situated close to the Agra-Kanpur National Highway and is also referred to as Bodhi Tal. It is well-known for its connection with Buddhism. Khawaja Etmad Khan, an Akbar courtier, built it. There is a pond all around the octagonal palace. There have been reports of flames in the water, screaming and ghostly activity in a desolate palace.

5. Tomb of Khandari Begum

Khandari Begum, Shahjahan’s first wife, was jealous of Mumtaz. The Tomb of Khandari Begum, which is located near the Sandali Mosque with black cats, is said to have some supernatural activity.